Reumssky is a leading online marketplace for wholesalers, retailers, and shoppers around the world. We are a complete service marketplace with a model that is centered on our vendors. This means that our first commitment is to you; to create a high-yielding platform that will attract sales by providing an intuitive, user-friendly web interface, leading to a seamless transaction between you and your buyers online. We provide an excellent alternative to brick and mortar retailing and we are open to collaborating with you as you leverage our platform to sell your properties to customers across the world without the hindrance of location or distance. Our platform boasts a population of over 1,000 users spread across Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Our Purpose

We want to connect you to your buyers, help stimulate sales, and make the search and buying process easier and faster for both our vendors and buyers.


The current housing deficit in Nigeria is estimated to be between 17 and 20 million housing units. Research shows that the housing gap is increasing annually by 900,000. In the United States, reports reveal that there is currently a housing deficit of several millions. There are fewer homes and lesser vacancies. In Europe, though the housing deficit is minimal, the high cost of houses has made individuals open to investments and cheaper housing in other countries. These show the huge opportunities available in the real estate sector, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora.


The primary goal of every real estate firm or commercial vendor is to find and retain buyers. However, getting the right buyer that is willing to pay for a property is a hard nut. This is despite the fact that shelter is one of the three basic needs of every human; thus an essential commodity. Challenges like the increasing rate of real estate fraud, unprofessional agents, and deceptive properties, have made buyers wary of even trusted real estate firms. The fact is, a lot of potential real estate customers are Nigerians abroad and foreign investors who are willing and ready to buy properties. However, the fear of being scammed has made them turn their attention to other countries. Clients (buyers, renters, investors) are looking for a standard property through a trusted professional agent or vendor. Real estate firms and vendors are therefore posed with the responsibility of not just getting the right leads but earning the trust of their potential customers.

Key Questions

  1. Do people know about your property?
  2. Are you reaching the right demographics of people?
  3. Do people find it convenient to buy from you?
  4. Do clients who live in another state and country know your property and can they buy them?


Getting your Demographics Right

Every Real Estate Company or vendor does not just need leads, but leads that will convert. They need clients who match the location of the property, and the specifics of the property. Traditional retailing and word-of-mouth advertisement is not enough to find such clients quickly. Reumssky as an e-commerce website has created an SEO-optimized inventory system that connects vendors to their target customers across the globe; and helps them deliver timely and effective services resulting in increased sales and satisfaction for both parties. With Reumssky, you can get investors from other countries and Nigerians in diaspora who would like to have a property in your locality.

Online Marketing

Recent reports have revealed the consistent growth of online retail, showing that convenience is a huge factor for people during purchase. Clients do not want to go through the hassle of meeting agents physically and bearing the exhaustion of journeying from property to property. Selling online helps real estate businesses make more sales, reduce overhead cost, reach more customers, reduce exorbitant marketing cost, and eliminates the struggle of getting new customers. Selling on the Reumssky platform guarantees you secure financial transactions between you and your customers, international market competitiveness, positive reputation and profit.

Building Trust through Online Marketing

Research shows that about 54% of consumers who make purchases from an online platform will return to buy again from that platform given that they had a smooth and satisfactory buyer experience. This is whether they know the vendor or not. As an already existing online market place, we have garnered the trust of over 1000 users of our platform, who trusts us enough to transact with our real estate vendors; thus eliminating the trust challenge real estate firms and vendors face. With our head office in the United States and our users spanning across different nations, your business can gain international recognition while you meet your sales target.


We propose:

  • Targeting the right audience for your properties.
  • Notifying you of the changes in purchasing trends.
  • Converting leads to sales.
  • Sponsored adverts.
  • 2 months free maintenance
  • Email marketing


  • Increase in sales
  • Increased trust
  • Wider reach
  • Reduced overhead cost
  • Reduced marketing budget for the organization
  • Better profit margin
  • Reduced business risks
  • Fast business scalability
  • Significant improvements in customer service.


Commission: Our commission percentage is negotiable based on area concerned and strength of the real estate firm.

Renewal of products: Real estate vendors shall renew their properties on the marketplace every two weeks after the property is uploaded. This is to confirm the availability of the property and to ensure that any changes or updates made on the property also reflects on its page on the marketplace. This will eliminate misrepresentation of property and help build the trust of buyers. Renewal of property is totally free.

Maintenance: We charge a monthly maintenance fee of 3,000 naira. The fee is for the maintenance and management of the Reumssky website so as to facilitate transactions. Maintenance fee covers uploading of pictures, editing of uploaded pictures and videos. However, pictures exceeding 10 will incur extra charges.

For every real estate firm that signs up with us, maintenance is free for the first 2 months.


We have committed the bulk of our resources to employing the best hands in IT to develop our platform and we’ve got results to show for it. The result is an innovative, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized e-commerce website that ensures you and your customers enjoy a seamless experience whilst transacting your business. Also, we have the attention and trust of our audience from different parts of the world. You can leverage this trust to grant authenticity to your property listings and expand your business beyond the shores of your locality. Finally, Reumssky offers an opportunity to expand your retail branch electronically at a marginal cost. This is an inexpensive and perfect opportunity to augment your business revenue stream.


Reumssky Business World is a company with exceptional technical and business expertise. We have dedicated the last few years to researching how best to service the e-commerce industry. Considering the challenges experienced by other established e-commerce platforms, we have built upon the lessons to create flexible solutions to protect both our marketplace platform and its partners. Our remarkable marketing efforts have also earned us the recognition and trust of our audience across Europe and beyond, and we currently have an email list of over 1000 subscribers. As we remain unrelenting in building our brand visibility across various internet channels, our partners stand to gain exposure to our wealth of prospective customers.

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